Charity & Memberships, Pittsburgh, PA

Charity, Pittsburgh, PA

The companies and their owner, Randy Castriota, are involved in several charity organizations. Mr. Castriota is also a member of several business organizations.

Memberships Include:

  • Past President of Rotary
  • Member of ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries)
  • Legislative Liason for ISRI
  • Past President of Pittsburgh Chaper of ISRI
  • Past Member of ABC of Western PA (Associated Builders and Contractors)
  • Past Member of Green Building Alliance

Charities Include:

  • Chairman of the board for The Gym of Future Champs (anti-crime & anti-drug foundation)
  • Board of Directors for Storehouse for Teachers
  • Operation Valor Arts
  • Employs and houses men and woman who are ex-offenders

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